Aerial Photography / Imaging & Training

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    Real Estate Services

  • 2 - 3  minute 4k HD video highlight reels (interior/exterior/both)
  • Exterior aerial photos
  • Interior photos
  •  3D Modeling
  • 360 Panoramas

Bumblebee Drones is veteran owned and operated by Craig Elsner. Located in Seymour, Indiana, we provide service for the tri-state area, Indiana ,Kentucky, and Ohio. Our primary UAV, used for most services, is a DJI Inspire 1v2 outfitted with a Zenmuse X3 high resolutioncamera.  We have an array of other sensors including a Zenmuse X3 camera  modified for NDVI imaging.

Real Estate.

It's proven, AERIAL SHOTS SELL!! We provide a new perspective that shows off your properties. Sometimes a view of the neighborhood, the placement on the grounds, or parking availability can only be captured from above. This is where we shine. We also provide high-resolution interior photos and 4k HD videos.  


From weddings to festivals., we are able to provide great aerial photos and high-quality 4k HD video of special events and occasions. Use it to advertise next years events or create great memories.


We are able to collect highly valuable data through the use of multispectral imaging. Collected at different stages in the growth cycle, our imaging can aid in: 

                -  Stand counts

                - Plant health

                - Zone Management 

                - Variable Rate Solutions                                          - Irrigation Deficiencies 

                - Elevations

We also assist in Crop Insurance Claims